Keith's letters to APEGBC re governance

This page provides Keith's formal inputs to APEGBC Council on governance, including its improper desire to be able to remove a member of Council without objective criteria, and its improper attempt to disenfranchise Members after they rejected mandatory CPD twice and rejected petitions that the Act requires a vote on.

Keith no longer supports the OurEngineeringGeoscienceProfessionBC grass roots reform group.

Keith is aware of the ReformSlateVision web site, whose owner has hidden their identify, and its visible proponent. It lists problems with governance of APEGBC, and supports several candidates who advocate respect for members.

Keith's advice on election candidates in general and review of 2016's. Keith will vote for the five ReformSlate candidates, only one or two others have potential but fall short of a minumum standard.

This page is now subservient to Members Are The Profession.


A letter to council criticizing their proposed Act amendment regarding removal of a councillor for claimed bad behaviour, and a supplement.

There are discussion threads in APEGBC's section of the LinkedIn networking site, with points from both APEGBC and members including me, pro and con. (After logging in search for APEGBC then read the fine print to see which return has links to discussion groups. They appear to be in sequence on the page the return links to, open the title of the group you want to see all postings of.)

APEGBC's claimed claimed reasoning in rejecting the June 2015 petition to Council on governance matters has been studied and rebutted.
(I signed the petition.)

APEGBC's claimed reasoning in rejecting one of the early 2016 petitions to Council on governance matters has been studied and rebutted.
(I signed one of the petitions. President Michael Wrinch's first letter in response to the petition is here, his second is here.)
Michael Wrinch distributed my rebuttal to members of Council, saying he didn't have anything more to say.
My position is that Council should rescind their request to government, not claim the petition is moot when in fact it is a valid petition requiring Council action.

I signed a petition to government in spring 2016 asking it to reject any requests to change the Act that have not been approved by a 2/3 majority of Members.


A letter to Council critiquing some aspects of APEGBC's CPD desires.

My activity:
Some strong points against Council's desires are presented in or linked from the Grass-Roots Group web site, including on CPD. A link to an Ontario group is provided.
I may or may not agree with content, as am no longer active in that group, except to maintain the web site during a transition period.

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